Various Stages of Mental Health and Wellness

The study of mental strength comes as a result of increasing signs of economic depression, family separation, social instabilities, incessant rate of suicide, inferiority taught in the community. Mental strength is a condition of constant positive thoughts despite a present state of failure. This is the act of never giving up after several records of failed attempts like Thomas Edison, Isaac Newton, Abraham Lincoln, Charles Babbage with others in our present and past generation.

Merits of mental strength are the stories of hope springing up from people who are almost committing suicide. Those who are suffering from health failures, individuals who are facing serious economic hardship, some coming back better, brighter with a new story.

Positive habits are another stage of

Top scholars of physiology with whom are masters of health sciences which comprise mental strength outlined some stages such as; optimistic behavior, positive habits, belief in yourself, faith for full recovery, correct confession, control of your thoughts, focus on the present, looking up for change, loving yourself, passing good comments to people, avoiding anger, say no to revenge, free yourself of worry etc. Optimistic behavior is a stage in mental strength as long as you are determined to focus on the better results. At this stage, failure is not allowed by you and you are not hoping to lose. Being optimistic about things like sound health when you are down with sickness’s is really nice for your recovery after medication.

Positive habits are another stage of mental strength that involves positive confession, good self-talk, and increasing hope of a total turn for the better. Belief in the kind of person you are in the face of increasing pressure to give up. Thomas Edison history who never stopped believing in himself after hundreds of failures to invent electric bulbs. Faith in recovery despite present results of failure in any assigned task.

Don't dwell too long on self-pity

Losses are the tools you need to seek a turn around for the better, that is not neglecting to try to recover due to your faith to get over the setback. Correct confession is a vital stage of mental strength which involves daily ideal confession that are backed by action words. At this stage, your words and actions are matched together towards positive thinking. You think positively, talk nicely, you express good gestures within and without in every aspect of your life.

Don’t dwell too long on self-pity for as long as you are taking control of different thoughts. Several ideas and hurtful thoughts are likely going to be flowing into your mind, but you are to be in good control by paying valid attention to your thoughts process. Forget the past and don’t feed your setback with the strength you are to use for today’s tasks. This means you are focusing on the new opportunities that are present every day. Looking up for change from bad to good, from failure to success, defeat to victory, scarcity to surplus, emptiness to fullness or poverty to prosperity. There is a need to look up for change because change is the only constant thing.

Various Stages of Mental Health and Wellness

Nothing is better than loving personality, treating personality with value, dignity etc. This stage implies you love yourself more than someone else may like you. Love is the biggest gift you can treat yourself with that would boost your mental strength. Always avoid judging people too much so that you are not lighting up unwanted hatred which might likely hurt your feelings. Seek to see the good side of people around your environment and society at large. Anger is a factor that destroys happiness, therefore running away from it. Dare not to make crucial decisions whenever you’re angry.

Say constant no to revenge even though you are wrongfully accused. Time plus resources spent on the mission of retaliation may likely make such a person feel more heart broken. Happiness should be a needful tool to help you over retaliation, there would be the best option to find enough things in life to make the desire for revenge less important. Self-esteem is good for you relating to mental health in addition to the ability to cancel inferior feeling. Friends as well as family members must not joke with the usefulness of mental health, happiness, toughness and wellness. Thank you.

Nellie Cromwell

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