Is Physical Ability More Ideal Than Being Smart?

Financing is key when it concerns dealing with most of the daily activities in the communities. You need finance to survive, you need finance to be basically comfortable. The question is, what is the source of the drive used to build your finances when it has to do with your daily activities. Based on the above notion, the views are divided. Some think that working physically hard is the legitimate way to make ends meet, while others feel that being clever is the perfect way a person can excel in an economic system.

Opinions are different, and they are given according to what is felt, but, judging critical issues like this, each perspective should be touched to gather the total facts. Excelling in an economic system does not solely worship what you know, neither does it worship how much work you can handle. Therefore, having physical strength does not work for everybody or every situation, neither does being smart. None of these two characteristics is greater than the other, though, each can be ideal when dealing with a particular set of workers or a particular situation. Let’s start off by discussing two different entrepreneurs trying the same venture. During the initial stages of starting your own business, a little hard work is necessary.

Eden is solely responsible for building

One way or another, you would need your physical strength to progress. Having cleared that up, let’s specifically discuss the amount of hard work put into these stages by using two different scenarios. Eden is a young entrepreneur trying to facilitate a big cosmetics shop and put it on the map. He lives in Alaska and his parents barely have enough to spare. His life revolves around a small circle of friends in his small town. Apart from production capital, he is lacking the funds and connections to blow his brand wide.

Eden is solely responsible for building the network that is really needed. He is responsible for production, trials, results, advertisement and sales of outputs. Getting family/friends to help in whichever way they can help is also on the radar. He is to set up meetings, try his possible best to impress customers and even cosmetics organisations, so that they can give his product a try or invest in the business. To pass these stages, Eden would be extremely busy and would not have family time.

Soon enough, she would approach Dylan

Taylor, the second entrepreneur is from a wealthy family living in New York. Dylan, her father’s best friend is a popular fashion designer that has styled and worked with many celebrities. She is also at the initial stages of building a cosmetics brand. In this situation, Taylor might have the required connection and might not need to put much strain on herself to succeed in pushing Taylor’s cosmetics. She could have a strong support system if she’s clever able to meet the right people. If Taylor hasn’t been friendly with all acquaintances, this is the time to go close to them.

Soon enough, she would approach Dylan to help blend Taylor’s cosmetics into his work, as long as it is tested and trusted. After analysing these two entrepreneurs, it can be deduced that a large amount of hard work is ideal if the required funding and connection is not met. With regard to the second example that was given, a person privileged to have the required funds and connections might not require a large amount of physical work.

Is Physical Ability More Ideal Than Being Smart?

Touching circumstances beyond our control like disabilities, physical strength is obviously not ideal. A man on a wheelchair cannot normally produce batches of batteries in a short amount of time or fix a mechanical problem, neither can a woman born with short limbs. In cases where your hands, your legs or your eyesight can only do little to help, you need to be smart to thrive. It is not legitimate, but, some disabled people might use emotional blackmail to get other workers to give them what they want. This method is termed ‘the pity strategy’. Though, a few people who have lost one major part of their bodies would fight against all odds, be the best they can be and thrive in whatever they do because they deserve it, others may use being disabled to get pity from kind people.

After reading this, you should understand that physical strength or mental power both have the specific kinds of people to work for, the specific situations in which they should be applied and the necessary amount they are needed. You don’t expect a person with a major disability to mostly rely on physical strength. Either ways, you have to do your best to make things work.

Shantel Cope

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