Road to becoming Mentally Strong

How does one become mentally strong? In today’s time, this represents a rare trait, as more and more people are getting disorders like anxiety or depression. Bullying can also be a giant influence to someone going mentally down, even if it is from the internet or anywhere else.

A person to embrace self thinking and developing your opinion, on everything possible, even maybe changing your character. People today are much more aware of mental disorders and illnesses than they were even fifty years ago. The person has to understand that problems are happening to anyone, many before him have been in his shoes and know what it’s like. A person has to maintain the politeness, gratefulness, it might seem unimportant, but it’s as important as it gets, even while panicking a simple count from one to ten can help reduce the stress. Stress is something like a silent killer, as it is shortening the life span of People, do not let this get to you.

Optimistic thinking, even in the worst

A good thing to do is to challenge yourself, in every way possible, by being a better person, helping others in need, even saying thank you and you’re welcome can help. Fear is one of your biggest enemies on your way to happiness and mentally getting yourself on your maximum level. You have to face it, conquer your fears, as hard as it may be, but eventually, it will pay out for sure. It is also proven that the best beverage to relieve you of stressing out, is a cup of hot tea, you should try that as well.

Optimistic thinking, even in the worst of times is crucial, having hope for the better or best may not always prove to be true, but can help ease your mind from bad things. Another way to reduce easy the mind is with exercise, punch the bag, hit the weights, give your body a hard time, so the brain can relax as much as possible. Things like meditation, well-organized breathing or even plain laughter can relax you. Try to spend more time with your loved ones, family and friends, you will be surprised how much it can help.

You may not be able to

Now when your mind is at ease of stress, it’s the time to think of problem-solving, as the main part of your stress is caused by problems, maybe even every day. Just sit down, think about the problem, the answer will have to come eventually, the most important thing is not to give up and let stress get the better of you. Develop hobbies, have a little fun, relax and enjoy your life. If the friends are the ones bothering you, no problem, just go out and make new friends!

You may not be able to control everything that is happening around, but you can control your mind, just focus on the good things more than sixty percent of the time. Make your whole day just a routine, with the little things, in the morning first make your bed, then brush your teeth, make coffee. Treat yourself like you would like others to treat you, there is a saying “You can’t respect others, if you don’t respect yourself”, make use of it. Become your best friend, and do not be dependent on anyone or anything.

Road to becoming Mentally Strong

Write down the stuff that make you happy, explore new things, widen your horizon, try out photography, programming, and play video games. Compose everything that you have written down, make the perfect day out of it, have your perfect day at least twice a month. If you are miserable at your job, learn a new skill, find a new job, you know you can do it, have faith in yourself! Too much people suffer because their days have blended to be the same, getting up at the same time every day, doing the same job over and over, don’t be that person, you can’t afford that.

The important thing is, you’re not alone in this, there is always somebody there to help you, maybe you don’t know him or her, trust me. There is always someone willing enough to give you a hand, you always have your family to rely on. You’ll be amazed by how little it takes to be happy and at your best.

Sonia German

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