Physical and mental strength from self-defense

Self-defense is a blend of both physical and mental strength as they complement each other. It is a skill that first requires mental strength to be able to face the fear of attackers and the courage to depend on yourself. To be able to fight off an attacker, you need to control your emotions, for a calm state ensures that aggressors do not interfere with your physical control. If an attacker sees you are in a relaxed state, they become unsettled since want you to be at their mercy so that it is easier to overpower you. Oppressors take something physical like your purse, but they also damage you mentally by cultivating fear. You end up being afraid to walk down the streets or taking a run through the park. Self-defense works on breaking down those walls put up by attackers by teaching that only you can control your emotions and should not allow anyone to rob you of the emotion of safety.

To defend yourself, you can either

To defend yourself, you can either be armed or unarmed. Arms don’t necessarily have to be weapons such as riffles. Trainers teach how to use what’s on hand physically like handbags, key-chains, or nail files as there is no correct way to carry out your normal routines safely. A person may not be as physically strong but performing some moves like thrusting your knee into the groin of an attacker gives a person enough time to scream or rather run for help. The use of nails to scratch and maybe temporarily blind an aggressor is also a simple act that is not physically tiring yet it is a mental attack as it disorients them allowing you to get to safety.

Physical and mental strength from self-defense

You require discipline to show up for the defense classes and lift weights, punch that bag, for some it is to simply sign up for the class. Your body will constantly be sore from the punches and kicks during training nonetheless will power ensures that when it’s time for the next training session, your mind is ready to keep moving towards your goal. Martial arts is the most preferred as a means of defense and it is well known for its balance of body as well as the soul. Esteem can be built through arts like Tai Kwando because it works on an ideology that a person is already strong but requires to be taught how to take control of their body.

Taking control of your physical through mental toughness is by practicing the defense moves until they become part of your character, become natural. Defense builds your physical and mental reflexes by an individual being able to spot when a situation does not feel right. Safeguarding yourself keeps you positive and happy because freedom of mind, as well as the confidence of self-reliance, is uplifting. During training, your body becomes more stable for when an attack raises your adrenaline. Anxiety spikes tend to drain your energy, but because of physical strength from training, the levels do not stop your reflexes in an attack. Focus on both to improve your defense habits and gain the most out of training.

Shantel Cope

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