Did Man Evolve From Apes?

There are countless explanations regarding the exact place of the humans origin and the gradual way they developed into their current state. Researchers and scientists have developed interesting theories trying to solve this mystery. Archeologists have engaged in extensive researches by exploring fossils and artifacts obtained from many meters below earth’s surface. The aim of all these research is to dig into history to understand the state of ancient creatures; including man, and, the environment occupied. Scientists went on to compare evidence obtained from many places across the earth to identify the ancestral origin of various creatures which were used to categorize them into diverse groups depending on their differences and similarities.

During the 17th century, a renowned

During the 17th century, a renowned scientist, Charles Darwin, begun his journey to explore nature with the motive of conducting thorough studies on its characteristics. In his voyeur, he navigated the world for months collecting data that later facilitate his idea of comparing living things and the environment they occupy. Darwin was an intelligent scientist who suggested that nature selects its occupants, and, is capable of converting them into more adaptable creatures depending on the varying environmental conditions they exhibit. His book published in 1859, he narrates that creatures could acquire certain characteristics that are vital for their survival. In Darwin’s perspective, all creatures were subject to experience changes that would modify them into more adaptable living things.

Darwin is recognized as the father

Darwin is recognized as the father of evolution which is defined as the gradual process of development among living things. There are numerous examples that can be used to explain his concept, but, the most interesting involves the human species. The idea of human beings evolving from apes has drawn attention in the science arena. It is speculated that ancient man was nothing else but an ape, walking with four legs, and, covered with fur all over the body. Man’s life was fully lived in the woods, and, level of intelligence was so low that they were limited to living a primitive life.

Did Man Evolve From Apes?

Millions of years later another species of human beings evolved from the previous species. Man was now a wee bit more intelligent, but still possessed the features of an ape. He discovered fire and tools that would aid survival at that time. As time went by, the environment experienced changes that brought about another species of ape-man. This time he was more intelligent and could stand on his two feet. Fur on their body had faded away but remained at specific parts of the body.

The final stage of human evolution saw the emergence of modern man whose characteristics were more human than they are apish. To understand this gradual development, let’s apply Darwin’s ideology which implies that organisms strive to survive under different conditions by gaining new features that will aid them. This means that apes of ancient days needed to change into more adaptable beings for them to survive competition for space and food. However, this does not mean that all apes would end up being human beings instead some remained unchanged. There is no credible explanation as to why this was the case, but, logically, someone would tend to reason not all apes were subjected to the same conditions hence some were forced to evolve whereas others remained as apes. This can be used to explain why there are still apes in the planet. The biggest question that lacks an answer is why aren’t these creatures evolving?

Loopholes in the theory of evolution have stirred several questions than answers. Fossils of ancient man have shown that indeed his anatomy was close to that of apes. Scientist have compared the skulls of different creature that are projected to have lived millions of years ago. Explaining how they became the modern man makes it even more complicated for scholars. The fact that there are still none evolving apes makes it difficult to explain how possible it would be for someone to become a human being even after several years. Darwin’s suggestions remain theories drafted from similarities and differences of organism until it is proven otherwise.

Currently, all organisms exist independently regarding their characteristics. They exhibit different characteristics depending on the changes within the environment they occupy. As the modern man, there are both physical and behavioral traits acquired in all those years.

Shantel Cope

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